High Performance Habits -
Free Masterclass - 27th Jan2022

 This 1.5hr Zoom workshop gives you the chance to learn about habits and how to achieve high performance using the right mix 

Your vision can be as clear, detailed, and laser-focused as possible, but if you don’t take action your vision will always remain an unrealized dream.

Ready to get moving? In this session I’ll be sharing:

+ My top tips and habits for becoming a person of action.

+ The biggest blocks standing between you and what you want—and how to break through them.

+ Why taking action is the best way to uncover more clarity about what you want and the direction you’re headed.

If you are looking for clarity or would like to increase your energy, productivity or if you just want to hang out with like-minded people for a wee while, this session is for you! The workshop will take place on Thursday Jan 27th at 6.30pm. It's 100% free to take part but places are limited.

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Your Facilitator:

David Delaney 

  • We will work on: 
  • Goal Planning
  • Habit Stacking that sticks
  • Finding your WHY
  • Setting Challenges
  • Finding Clarity
  • ...and more

David is an amazing strategist, talented marketer and highly intelligent creative. Talk to him- he can deliver the goods! I love working with him - great people person
Jillian Godsil - Author, Journalist & Public Speaker, Founder - Blockleaders

The Workshops will be held on Zoom, with a limited number of places. Got a question? Ask us here