A Bit about me- David Delaney

My mission in life is to grow myself, grow my clients and grow leaders.  I study what it takes to be successful as a person. It is virtually impossible to be successful alone.

 More and more I find my work is centred around building constructive relationships and having impactful conversations. I have achieved excellence at both. People come to me specifically for this kind of support. 

I've been on the self-awareness and personal mastery path for over 15 years. I will never stop. People do change. I’ve changed. So can you...if you want to.  

 There is an inner as well as outer game to leadership. You want your coach to be ahead of you in this regard to know what’s actually possible and create the conditions for you to get there too. (You can check out my corporate stuff here)

 We all get muddled in our own stuff. I think big picture, see connections, then simplify the complexity down to a few key phrases and objectives. Quite often I will see what you don’t.

 I look for the root cause in your limiting beliefs and thus help you discover practical tools that work for you in getting things moving in the right direction. I am known for getting things done. I will maximize your return on your investment in yourself. 

 I have been described as a person of integrity. What does that mean? I speak what I see, feel, and believe. To the best of my ability, I live my life according to my values. I take accountability for my thoughts, words and deeds.

I am committed to speaking the truth, sanely and humanely. It saves time and is kinder ultimately. I can equip you to do it too, even if you think you'll never be 'that' person.

I am an expert in Feedback, Assessments, and Development Planning.

I have a strong background in business coaching with positive psychology. I'm certified in life coaching, I love business development, I'm passionate about habits and in particular, areas around addiction. I'm a certified reiki master and teacher, as with meditation and I have a commitment to ongoing development in these and other areas. Learning should never stop - I've recently added a certification in embodiment coaching to the portfolio

 I am resourceful, resilient and strong. There is not much I can’t support you with. Leadership development is not just about building competencies that drive business. You will learn to be the best leader of YOU.

How can you find drive when you’re feeling a bit lost as a person? If this applies, I can help you with that and support you in the continued achievement of ambitious goals.

People say I am a person of courage. I’ll help you find yours. Are you ready to be your best you?


Let's talk today! - Click here or drop me a text on 083 895 3979