The Coaching Process

The coach will use many tools during the coaching process.

What is your vision of a better life? Where do your priorities lie and are you giving them the appropriate attention?

The coach guides you through the process to clarify your real priorities. They will use listening and reflection to help you.

You agree on your goals and how you will achieve them.

The coach does not dictate what is right for you. You decide on your final outcomes. You have ownership of your personal destination.

The coach will push you to accept the reality of your situation and any limitations. These may be real or imaginary.

You will explore all the options that are open to you. What is stopping you? And what do you need to do?

Your coach is your guide, your fan base, your supporter. Ready to help you back up and get going again should you slip off course. But never to dictate your actions or make choices for you. You own your plan and the journey.

Coaching Expectations

Coaching can give you an opportunity to get results faster. If you commit yourself to take action you will achieve change. Working with a coach can help you move more directly towards your long term goals. And with someone supporting you the journey can feel less daunting too.

You are the only person who knows what happiness means to you. Do not expect advice and answers from a life coach.

You may find the process difficult. If you have spent years being unhappy then it may take time to work out what needs to change. You may start with one goal and then find you need to refine it and its action plan too.

This is all part of the journey.

Be open, prepare to suspend preconceptions and beliefs. Be honest with the coach and yourself and commit to changing your life.

But most of all, enjoy it.

Guiding Beliefs and Values

Coaches want to help people to become empowered enough to improve their life. There are many people that have helped me on my personal journey and now I want to help you.

Honesty, integrity, fairness and trust are very important to me. These values underline all my working practices. I also am serious about maintaining client confidentiality.

My Approach

When you’re looking for a coach these days there are a lot to choose from. My coaching has a practical, results-driven focus.

I am a creative coach. I also have a nurturing, confidence-building approach. I will support you and help you understand where you are holding yourself back. I focus on encouragement but expect you to commit and take the necessary steps to change.

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