Don't let a bad habit stop your progress...

The QuitCoach Method

We provide you with a focused, personalised quitting roadmap, created on your responses to questions about your motivation, confidence and past attempts at quitting your bad habits. Your plan is designed to provide useful advice wherever you are on your quitting journey.

We help you to achieve your quitting goals,and research shows that having a plan increases your chances of quitting. 

Quitting a bad habit is a process that can take time. We work with you each step of the way and review the process, adjusting and tweaking your plan to reflect the progress you have made. 

Quitting is a process and we can help you with all of the key challenges, such as:

·         making the decision to quit

·         setting realistic targets and actually stopping any limiting beliefs/habits

·         dealing with urges to smoke and nicotine withdrawal

·         dealing with trigger situations

·         starting to think and feel more positive and energetic


The coaching sessions give you advice to help you:
  • understand your bad habits
  • know what to expect when you quit
  • have strategies to help you overcome setbacks
  • know what tools are available to help you